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Aegis II, sometimes stylized AegIIs but only by me, is a collection of tales about adventurers in the new world of Eon.

We are a Pathfinder/3.5 D&D campaign and is the sister campaign to Aegis, which is the successor campaign to Eon. So it's sort of Eon 3. Or 2.5.

Aegis and Aegis II are different stories set in parallel words. In the world of Aegis II, with the exception of The Great Betrayal, Ashra's instructions for the new world were followed exactly.

There have been several storylines in the world of Aegis so far:

  • The (current) Main Story follows a group of adventurers in Nyasa after the passing of Pope Cross.
  • The Zecret Ztory followed a group of adventurers charged with saving the world from ever needing another Storm Upon the Prime.
  • The Eastern Continent Side Story followed a group of adventurers in the East playing hot potato with a tiny Frozen Fate.


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If we discover a fifth continent, our naming scheme is in trouble.


A map of the known Prime, click for egregiously large.

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"Once upon a time there was an over-eager magus and a questionably human sorcerer. They each agreed to clear out a troublesome abandoned house, discovered a trans-dimensional door and decided to mutually not kill each other from that point on. They found a shoddy looking lantern and decided to try and sell it. They came across a church that might consider it a holy artifact and asked for money. The priest told them to kill a dragon and see if the lantern helped, if it did then it was worth something to them. They killed a dragon and found another lantern. Then stuff started coming in from other dimensions and causing all kinds of trouble for other people. They didn't really care but there was money in it and an opportunity to explore. The went to the hall of many things and accidentally wound up in a completely different city. The decided to move to said city until they realized that there wasn't anything interesting there. They moved back and continued they're quest.
Oh, and they threw a rockin' party after a national tragedy."

-- the best possible summary of the early sessions, credit to Trevor's player.

Season OneEdit

Aegis: Lantern Legends (Fall 2014)

In which the party meets, hangs around in Malvont and Sigil, and stumbles into the biggest zecret of them all.

Season TwoEdit

Aegis: Eye of the Storm (Spring 2015) In which the evil lich Touliang grows madness crystals all over the plot.

Season ThreeEdit

Aegis: Side Story (Fall 2015) in which a party of adventurers on the Eastern Continent become accidental custodians of a Frozen Fate.

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Aegis: Flight of Doves (Spring 2016) in which a party of adventures on the Southern Continent aim for glory and more after the passing of Pope Cross.

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A Crystal Clear Chronicle - Trevor Goeler


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